8 Steps Starting Business

Hello my friend!

I have one question for you. Have you become an entrepreneur?
If the answer yet, do not be discouraged, because where there is a will it is a way.

Indeed many people say "life is difficult at this time." Amid global competition is so tight, plus the soaring costs of basic needs is increasingly expensive, to the extent that chili did not want to miss, it costs to exceed rasanya.Sampai anyone say "the characteristics of rich people in Indonesia now is not who got the card keredit , and drove but the rich in Indonesia's character is one who in his teeth there cabenya seeds.

Are we still just contemplating the situation?
Throw far away the despair, do not have a mind "Ngono ya Ngono" keep trying for those who already own a business, and start that has not been attempted for a business.

For those of you who want to start a business, I've got good tips I learned from nova tabloid titled 8 steps in starting your business please read and resume practicing.

8 Steps Start Business

1. Stop thinking, a time will come one's 'golden spoon' contains the idea. So find the idea of entrepreneurship what, who the prospective customers, and how to run the business.

2.Temukan what you want to sell, then offer a variety of ways and media. Currently, the trend through the online media or social networking.

3. Feel free to learn! Every time you start a business, all obstacles will come. Learn from yourself, others, or books.

4. Prepare the mental steel. If the business that pioneered forced down so that it can stand up and try kembali.Kecewa fair, but do not despair.

5. Nothing wrong with making some effort at once. In the end there will be (at least) one who succeeded. However, if failed, must still remember, entrepreneurship is not a profession, but carg view. By continuing to remember it, there will be no sense of shame when the business started to fail.

6. Each person will surely have different answers when talking about venture capital. To note: how much money will be lost in the attempt to link it.

7. If its domestic scale, it would be better if it made financial planning early. The first rule, separate from business finances with personal or household finances. Do not underestimate the accounting or bookkeeping so that when the business grew, the transition will not be too heavy.

8. Do not look down upon the employee. If all become entrepreneurs, who will become employees? Not necessarily those who have businesses will berpnghasilan greater than their employees.

Okay buddy apparently only just this once I can give us continued on the other occasions.
May success always be with you.

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