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8 Ways of Being netpreneur Hello blogger friends .....!
Glad to meet again with you all.
This time I will try to share successful tips to be a netpreneur. These tips come from having a big name in the online business world is Ane Ahira, he was CEO of Asian Brain IMC.
According to him "to become a netpreneur we must":
1. Speed.
With all the acceleration of technological development, globalization, and the Internet, the pace of change even more rapidly than ever imaginable. Therefore, you should be able to anticipate and able to react quickly, but also calculating.
2. Adapt Ability.
The rate of change in the Internet world requires business more flexible and adaptive than ever before. You should be able to increase knowledge and interpreting, and quickly respond to such changes wherever occurrence both in technology and competition, also on turnover patterns and buyer-market.
3. Experiments.
A netpreneur must be willing to try new ideas in the marketplace the dibidiknya. You do not have much time or just rely on 'market research' which was not up to date to evaluate your actions. Experiment and ready to move quickly to adapt to what necessary and desirable market to you.
4. The Constant Innovation.
Launching a product to market is only a beginning. Encouragement of relentless competition and market demands of improvements make the business focus on innovation is very important.
5. Collaboration.
It is the nature of netpreneur be collaborative. You can not work alone in the movement with speed like this. The Internet allows you to involve many business owners in every step. Starting from birth a product through research, product development, packaging, delivery, support and ongoing improvement process.
6. Be Mover Distribution.
The real challenge of today's business world is the distribution the spread of brand and identity products and services -. One thing that is most felt, the Internet minimize barriers distribution. For that, you need to build brands and channels distribution for the sustainability of business success.
7. Focus On Niche Markets.
Internet to reach out and distribute business opportunities in the market new openings. Therefore, netpreneur should focus on market sectors are well defined-that is the niche market or niche market-in order to achieve a dominant position or find markets that have not or are underserved. Despite the fact, The most exciting opportunity lies in creating new markets.
8. Be multidisciplinary.
Companies in the new economic era as they are now creating solutions by integrating various disciplines such as technology, content, graphics, services and relationships. Therefore, a successful netpreneur usually understand the various disciplines science.
That ability to possess a netpreneur in business environment is changing rapidly.
Well my friend only just this once that I can say, hopefully useful

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