The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung launched the Mini series, from the ranks of the smartphone . This time , the Samsung Galaxy S III has a mini version in which all of the same features found in the Samsung Galaxy SIII just a different screen size . Samsung Galaxy S III Mini comes with a screen size of 4 " . Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is equipped with a Dual Core processor Cortex - A9 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM memory makes it easy for you to do a variety of jobs and multimedia entertainment . For connectivity, this samrtphone 14.4 Mbps HSDPA network support and WiFi to surf quickly , as well as Bluetooth v4.0 and DLNA for sharing with other devices . Smartphone even appear with premium features in the Samsung Galaxy SIII which features Pop - Up Play ensure smooth multitasking that allows you to perform various activities simultaneously . Now you can get the same intensity on the Samsung Galaxy S III with a more affordable price with the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini .

Design ' Human - centric '
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini comes with a minimalist design and form organic platinum look of fine lines and its non - linear same as the Samsung Galaxy S III . Comfortable to grip , smooth arches , and organic elements that give the feel and design of rich human-centric experience . Took its inspiration by nature , the elements of wind , water and light are presented in physical form this smartphone . The shape is also more ergonomic with a mini form .

Screen 4 " Super AMOLED
Samsung Galaxy Mini S III cut the screen size to 4 " . Though performed with a smaller screen size , you can still comfortably watch a variety of multimedia content with a screen resolution of 800 x 480 which gives a charming picture quality . Fixed comes with a Super AMOLED display that is jenih screen which is very energy efficient and amazingly thin . With a 4 " Super AMOLED display , this smartphone offers a sharper viewing experience .

Latest Android system 4.1 Jelly Bean
Powered by the latest operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , the operating system is amazingly fast and smooth and better graphical display . Equipped also with Google Now that deliver the right information , even before you ask .

Pop - up Play
Pop - up Play feature allows you to perform different activities simultaneously. You can watch HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously . Change the video size , scroll to where you want it on the screen , and chat with friends or surfing the web . Video will continue to walk in while you are doing other activities ( browsing , chat , email , etc. ) . Position pop -up video screen you can move at will . Video continues to run smoothly without any obstacles , even the subtitle of video can still show up and read clearly .

Direct Call
This feature allows you to easily perform direct calls when you 're reading a message from someone you know and immediately called the number the device automatically. You simply point your mobile phone to your ear , do not bother looking for a call log and does not require the touch of a button at all so it is more practical and faster when you decide to directly call the sender of the message.

Smart Alert
Samsung Galaxy S III will notify you of missed calls , new messages or dates of important events with a touch short vibration . With this feature , you do not have to worry when you're away and leave the phone .

S Voice
Through this feature you can talk with your smartphone as opposed to talking like a man through a specific voice commands . S Voice can detect questions or voice commands to activate the functions / features that are given in the Samsung Galaxy S III , ranging from calling , texting and e - mails , adjust the volume , play songs , set cue when the camera starts shooting and others . You can even tell the Samsung Galaxy S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let you get back to sleep .

Smart Stay
Stay Smart will detect the direction of our eyes through sensors located on handpone . The display will remain lit as long as our eyes continued to stare at the screen . The sensor is actively working in accordance with the timing of the screen time out , if you set the screen time-out 30 seconds so every 30 seconds once the sensor will track your eye . With this innovative feature , you will make it easier when you're reading an e -book or browsing the web pages by maintaining a clear view to ensuring your vision .

Social Tags
You can quickly make a call or message from your photo gallery that has previously been given the tag on your list a phone number just by enabling this feature . Social Tag also allows you to connect a face in a photo album with their social media streams .

Best Photo
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini equipped with a powerful 5 MP main camera and 0.3 MP secondary camera . To support the activities of your photography , is also equipped with features Best Photo . You 'll never miss a smile or shooting someone when he blinks . This smartphone also automatically take a sequence of photos to create a continuous scene and will choose the best of these photos for you

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